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Summer 2018 - Must Haves for the Beach

The Warboba Water Ball


Sometimes all you need is a ball.  And this one bounces on water.  Hard to explain how much fun you can have with this so you will have to take my word on this.  Make sure you go with the Pro model, it is a little heavier so it is easier to throw and catch.  Be sure to purchase at least two just in case one happens to                                               move to another party.  $8.50



Frescobol Wood Paddle Set

Created in Brazil, these are the highest quality paddles I have been able to find.  They come in a variety of styles and prices so there is a paddle for you.  Just a great way to kill some time at the beach.  $65-$149




Shipwrecked Supplies Dry Bag



You have to keep your supplies dry and sand free.  There is no better way then a roll top dry bag, and no better option then ShipWrecked"s 20L dry bag.  A portion of profits goes to their favorite charity, Seacology.  Buy a bag and save an island.

 Beach Tent

Everybody needs to get out of the sun at some point during the day, so set this up and problem solved.  $40







A decent cooler is a must-have for the beach and this one will definitely do the job.  At $250 it is not cheap but a lot better than the cost of a YETI. Take a look at it the next time you are out.  Will last more than just a couple summers.                                                                  



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